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Directory for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the 2017 directory for the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) at West Virginia University! This inaugural SoTL directory began as a collaboration between the Teaching and Learning Commons and the Digital Publishing Institute.

We began the academic year defining the broad scope of research that we wanted faculty instructors to include under the heading of SoTL work--from peer-reviewed publications to presentations and poster sessions--anything that included thoughtful reflection on and research of teaching practices that was distributed to audiences in a formal way. We hope this inaugural directory introduces you to a few of the scholars on campus doing outstanding pedagogical research.

In part through the Faculty Associates program of the TLC, the editorial team worked to produce this booklet as an open-access resource for faculty instructors to learn about each others' scholarly–pedagogical work and to build collaborations where possible. We hope to continue producing this book on an annual or biennial basis and to possibly create a database for additions, updates, and more easy searching of colleagues. If you would like to be included in future iterations of this directory for your pedagogical research, please contact the Teaching and Learning Commons.

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About Open Access Textbooks

Open Access Textbooks is an open access textbook project created through West Virginia University with the goal of producing cost-effective and high quality products that engage authors, faculty, and students. This project is supported by the Digital Publishing Institute and West Virginia University Libraries and is available in HTML, PDF, and EPub formats.

For questions, comments, or technical support, please contact Jessica McMillen.

Editorial Team

  • Cheryl E. Ball
  • Tracey Beckley
  • Megan Fahey
  • Hope Hart
  • Amy Kuhn
  • Carrie Lamanna
  • John Oughton
  • Marina Galvez Peralta
  • Demi Fuentes Ramirez
  • Lizzie Santiago
  • Lydia Welker


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